My Alexa Skills

I have developed a range of skills, they are shown below. Some of these are still in development. To demo the skill, see the skill description.

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Name: Area Codes

About: Do you wonder who called you? This alexa skill can by translating your area coode to a location throughout the UK. Just ask a command while saying the area code nice and slowly to find the location of the call.


Name: Carbon Intensity

About: The Carbon Intensity forecast includes CO2 emissions related to electricity generation only. The includes emissions from all large metered power stations, interconnector imports, transmission and distribution losses, and accounts for national electricity demand, embedded wind and solar generation.


Name: Card Shuffler

About: Card shuffler is an assistant designed to offer a random card from a deck of cards or from multiple decks of cards. Initially the user must ask Alexa to shuffle the deck/s of cards and then ask Alexa to draw one or cards from the pile in till all cards are drawn. This can be effectively be used as a virtual card shuffle and drawer for other card games.


Name: Cat Sounds

About: Let Alexa play a range of cat audio clips through Alexa. Allowing the user to play one audio clip and multiple audio clips.


Name: Chuck Norris Jokes

About: A large range of hand curated Chuck Norris facts and jokes that can be spoken over Alexa.


Name: Crypto Currency Prices

About: Get the prices of a range of crypto currency coins including bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. As well as 900 + active & known coins are supported.


Name: Events Searcher

About: The Event Skill searches through events from TicketMaster, by using Alexa the search tool becomes more powerful.


Name: Fart Sounds

About: Let Alexa play random farts through the Alexa system.


Name: Feline Facts

About: Let Alexa find either one or more cat fact and let Alexa speak it out.


Name: Funny Jokes

About: A range of random and funny jokes spoken through Alexa.


Name: Ham Radio

About: Common Q-codes are meanings from the Amateur Radio Station Log Book and functionality to convert current location to Maidenhead grid system.


Name: Hygiene Ratings

About: The skill finds hygiene ratings of local food and drinks businesses within a 1-mile range, allowing the user to specify different ratings and types of businesses to search for.


Name: IP Lookup Tool

About: Get information about the specific IP address, including address, name and other information.


Name: Latest Tweets

About: Get the latest tweets from a number of celebrities, including Katy Perry, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Justin Bieber, Donald Trump, etc...


Name: Launch Tracker

About: Retrieve Upcoming Space Launches from around the globe, detailing the launch title, where it will be launched and other information relevant about the launch.


Name: Name that Animal

About: Name that Animal. A range of animal sounds for you to guess what the animal is through Alexa.


Name: Northamptonshire News

About: This skill speaks the most recent news stories from Northamptonshire from BBC.


Name: Number Facts

About: Get facts of numbers. The Alexa skill is able to find a random number, and a number fact with a specific category.


Name: Police Crime Tracker

About: Find past crimes and analysis around your postcode within the UK.


Name: Random Quotes

About: Spoken random quotes by Alexa.


Name: Ring of Fire

About: The Ring of Fire game played through the alexa system interactively.


Name: Train Assistant

About: Train Assistant gives easy guidance about train routes and journies, including times, stops and platform information.


Name: Trivia Crack

About: est your knowledge with Trivia Crack, designed to test your skills against a range of questions. The skill allows different knowledge levels - easy, medium and hard.


Name: Trump Quotes

About: Get a Trump quotes from a big quote repository.


Name: Uncyclopedia Wiki

About: Let Alexa speak random quotes from Uncyclopedia Wiki


Name: Xkcd Password Generator

About: Xkcd password generator is a flexible and effective way to generate passwords that are memorable and long in length.